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Singapore Creativity Parks Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company with expertise in property management. The company’s maiden overseas foray is a commercial project which spans over an area 59,000 m2 (approximately 635,070 ft2) and comprises of 5 top grade office building blocks.

The project is located in the renowned international metropolis Shanghai, China, specifically in the Hongqiao District. The district has been specially popular among the internet-related companies to set up their businesses and offices. Our office blocks are also very well-located with the Shanghai Metro Line No. 9 nearby (approximately 200m) and the Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao High-Speed Rail Station to be reachable within 20 minutes by driving.

Project(s) Introduction
Location Map

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Schematic Layout
Our Management and Team Members
Team members

Mr Chris Loo

CEO / General Manager

Miss Jenny Shen

Deputy General Manager, Oversees Finance & Human Resource

Mr Eric Lu

Manager (Property Management & Business Development)

Miss Cai Fang

Finance & Human Resource Executive

Miss Alice Yu

Office Admin

Mr Jack Wang

Property Management Supervisor

Miss Feng Ling

Building Supervisor

Mr Gu Jun

Building Supervisor

Mr Shao Zhi Qi

Building Supervisor

Organisation Flow Chart
Facilities and Amenities - Photo Gallery

External Facade - Day View

External Facade - Night View

External Decorations and Environment

Day View

Night View

Grand but Cosy Main Lobby

Main Building Reception Area

High Specification Interior Design and Furnishing

Main Lobby

Lift Lobby

Building Corridor 1

Building Corridor 2

Gym and Wellness Centre

Our comprehensive wellness centre provides our tenants an area to unwind. Special classes like yoga are also organised to serve the different needs for the tenants. Dedicated areas within the wellness centre are also planned for to allow interaction and discussion among tenants.

Carpark - Open Air and Underground Parking Spaces

We have 44 open air carpark lots and 159 exclusive underground carpark lots for our tenants and their guests. The underground carpark is directly accessible from the main office building.

Other Amenities

In-house Cafe for meetings and discussions

Common Restroom in every level

Past Events

Official Visit to Singapore Creativity Park by Shanghai Minhang District Party Secretary in February 2015

Official Visit to Singapore Creativity Park by Minister Jin Mei (金梅部长) in August 2015

Official Visit to Singapore Creativity Park by Minhang District Deputy Ministers in September 2015

Naming Ceremony “虹桥新空间” by Newly Appointed Shanghai Minhang District Party Secretary in Singapore Creativity Park in July 2017 (source: Minhang Hi-Tech Park)

Corporate Charity Badminton Invitational Cup organised by Singapore Creativity Park in October 2017

Corporate Charity Run Event with the Visually Impaired Organised by Singapore Creativity Park in October 2017

Contact Us

Contact Number: (China) +86-21-64780088

Address: (China) No. 1618, Yishan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai City, China

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